Natalie Amor



The True Girlfriend Experience

Escape the mundane of the day to day and delve into your own little world of bliss.

I am a firm believer that true erotic pleasure can only be achieved through genuine intimacy, when you’ve taken the time to unveil all of the superficial and get right down to the deepest most unfiltered desires. That is why I prefer longer dates, I simply don’t think an hour is nearly enough time for me to discover what makes you tick.

It would be unjust to reduce myself to a pretty face (and a killer ass) when I’m also a fantastic conversationalist. I’m one of those that believes banter is where the foreplay truly starts, I like to let the chemistry build long before the clothes come off.

I take pleasure in authenticity, and so my face and body are unenhanced and I wear just a hint of makeup to complement my natural beauty. With me you can relish in the sweet experience of pure femininity as you marvel at my glorious bush and luscious armpit hair, a taste of unapologetic female sensuality. Let me be your very own Belle de Jour.

The Libertine side of things

One of the most taboo things in life is being unapologetically in tune with your own most forbidden desires. Letting the carnal instinct take hold. Putting everything else aside and being totally, deeply focused on one goal, achieving ecstasy.

Maybe you delect in the act of worship, or you would like to see me slip into my harness and see what pegging is all you’ve dreamed it would be. Maybe you would like to tie and tease me until I can’t take it anymore, maybe you want to feel like the alpha you are. Well let’s delve into those hedonistic passions and let our primal nature take over.

Since you’ve made it this far into my little corner of perversion, I’ll make you a confession. There is nothing that turns me on more than an occasion to explore my bisexuality. Just like you wouldn’t have oysters without champagne, enjoying the passion of a man along with the softness of a woman’s touch is to me one of life’s most delicious pleasures. But don’t worry, I’ll still make sure you remain the centre of attention. If this piques your interest, you can have a look at some of my favourite playmates.

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